You May Never Heard About It But These Purple Vegetables Are Really Healthy For Us!

You might by now know that the color of the food that is fruits and vegetables determine the amount and types of minerals, vitamins, fibers and many other elements into the body. You also find the nutritionists advising people to consume fruits and vegetables of all colors.

We all tend to neglect the fruits and vegetable in purple color. So, here we present you the various facts of these Purple vegetables and fruits.


Take a look and am sure you will all try incorporating Purple vegetables into your daily meal.


Being an incredible source of various vitamins like B6, C, K; magnesium, potassium, thiamine and protects you from dreadful diseases like brain problems, cancer. And for the ones on serious thoughts of losing weight, try it. That is not all about its goodness. There is much more. It helps in improving the heart’s working condition, improves digestion, prevents anemia.


Blueberries, favorites of almost every one. These fruits have very good amounts of manganese, fibers, Vitamins K, C, antioxidants. The blueberries are known to be the ‘King of antioxidants’ as they prevent us from the effects of free radicals.

Purple carrots

These carrots have almost every feature that protects our body from any adverse deterioration. They have Vitamins C and A.

Purple cauliflower

Belong’s to the family of cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. High in anthocyanins and also has Vitamins K, C, B6.


High in Vitamin B6, A and C. It also helps in lowering high blood pressure and this is also a quick energy booster. This amazing vegetable has properties that fight cancer, helps in flushing out toxins from the body and has many other benefits. Being rich in color – beetroot is rich in fibers too.

After having read all these benefits and goodness of these Purple vegetables and fruits, you must plan to incorporate these amazing ones into your diet. Get going buddies, you are half way getting healthy already Happy health, good day. Take care.


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