Yoga: What It Has Become From What Truly It Is?

Yoga, an act towards enlightenment, a posture to comprehend one’s core, a prayer which is itself a blessing to mankind. Yes, people with the modern and too-advanced mind can get tickled with ambiguity by the above statement. They might think of it being some superstitious belief. Some would certainly begin to link it to some religion and, thus they will name me as religious, or some progeny of an orthodox yoga practitioner. I’m ready to take all these names of their contempt. But give me a chance to proclaim subtle aspects of this grave term ‘YOGA’ to its true self. If I would be no good to quench your mind and perception towards the same, I would then love to be stabbed by you all.

So starting again, traditional YOGA is a small term with a humongous weight, with conceivable basics but incomprehensible nuances. The ‘conceivable basics’ are being accepted and practiced ‘these days’ whereas, the incomprehensible nuances are being rejected unknowingly and sometimes wittingly. The credit to this ignorance or absurdness confers to us and modern yoga gurus. Yoga has come in the craze and in popularity just because of Swami Vivekananda in the 20th century and has been recognized as the ‘World Cultural Heritage’ in recent years by UNESCO. “The theme of the term yoga is about corporeal and it is a set of physical exercises which are needed to be embellished in one’s life for being healthy and having a great figure.” I would say- “what a misconception it is..”. Yoga is more than just physical or postural exercise. Rather it has a mental and spiritual core. And by spirituality, I intend not to link with religion. But religion has a core which is called spirituality. Spirituality is the maker of religion and through it, one can attain inner peace.

YOGA has its birth in India. The term can be found in Rigveda and in the scriptures of Buddhism and Jainism. This is the way the people in ancient India in their ‘Sanyasa’ stage attain ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Moksha’. Actually, Yoga is classified as ‘Hatha Yoga’ and ‘Raja Yoga’ in its broader terms. Now the subtleties this classification possess needs years of discipline and renunciation of worldly pleasures.

Now, my explanation of ‘Hatha Yoga’ and ‘Raja Yoga’ is the first step towards your understanding.  ‘Hatha Yoga’ means, ‘forced yoga’, i.e. the benefits of yoga is forced on your body. It is like attaining the physical fitness only. ‘Raja Yoga’ means, ‘renunciation’. It tells you to give up everything and let the spiritual thoughts flow inside your body. Elaborately speaking, ‘Hatha yoga’ is employed for being able to do ‘Raja Yoga’, which is the last and superior and actual stage where you can be called ‘Yogic’. A query will arise in our silly mind that, ‘I don’t wanna be a Yogic’, ‘why the hell I wanna be a Yogic’, and blah blah blah…. The questioners having these queries have transformed the meaning of ‘true yoga’ to ‘modern yoga’. The ‘Modern Yoga’ which is essence-less. But I would love to tell you that ‘Hatha yoga’ and ‘Raja yoga’ are complementary to each other. If you want to achieve even the slightest benefit of yoga you have to follow both or you better derelict yourselves from doing yoga in future. Keep in mind, a thing without core values is worthless like a diamond without its luster, which is its core value. A man having no intention to get in touch with spiritual values can’t be deployed with such an ancient and powerful weapon like ‘Yoga’.

To follow something you need to know everything about that. Yoga has been outlined with 196 sutras which are basics and are needed to be learned by the students. Then comes the elucidation of these sutras to reach the state of only-soul. I, being a regular practitioner of Yoga can boldly say that- if you just go for modern yoga to achieve only the aesthetic beauty, all your life will be unfruitful doing that blunder, rather donate yourselves to the spiritual knowledge for which your postures can be of mountainous help if only done dedicatedly.


Today the world is running before goals. Goals are for short terms which can only help you to get preoccupied within yourselves. Have a dream which can flee you to the spirituality, then only your life as a human would get fulfilled.


Spirituality is the aim of ‘Traditional Yoga’, but ‘Modern Yoga’ deviates you to hold that. 


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