The Possiblities of Future in Indian Football

A country of 1.2 billion people and the GDP worth 2073.54 billion US dollars, India is still not a strong force on the global footballing stage. The last 15 years have seen a sudden and strong increase in the younger generation change their focus from cricket to football. The viewership of the English Premier League in India is massive at this point in time, with the German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga not far behind.


The interest of Indian viewers is massive and constantly on the rise but the problem is Indian players are not par with the foreign players.
Why so?
I think because along with how the foreign players play they tend to understand why they are playing the way coach tells them to. Suppose a coach tells a player to do a training drill if the player does the drill without understanding WHY he is doing that training drill it will only increase his physical attribute and in some case technical attribute but not the mental attribute.
With practice, one tends to understand things better but with analyzing that practice one can understand things quickly and promptly.

The Indian Super League has quickly gained popularity in the three years that it has been there with global superstars like Diego Forlan, Roberto Carlos, Gianluca Zambrotta, John Arne Riise, Marco Materazzi and Zico being some of the famous coaches and players.
But why bring them? Yes to attract the attention of Indian viewers towards Indian players. One’s potential is very rarely achieved if his strive is not appreciated, or sometimes criticised as criticism is important for finding flaws just needed to be taken as a challenge to overcome. Also, foreign players and coaches tend to have a better understanding of the game as they played at a much higher level, so that also provides Indian players with a huge learning opportunity.


The story of 11-year-old boy Chandan Nayak reaching the prestigious Bayern Munich Football Club in Germany to train as an academy player is an inspiration to all young football aspirants in the country. At present with European giants like Paris-Saint Germain, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Arsenal opening up football academies in India proves that the opportunities are certain to increase for the country’s youth.

One major problem I feel arises when Indian players go to play abroad is although they learn much much more, they learn differently. I mean a European Academy will teach football like they learned it which would be very much different from a South American Academy who learned football their way and so on.
So what if India have something else to offer to the world of football? What if we never knew our own potential because we never exploited it, and how can something be exploited if its not been analyzed? So analyzing is very important to determine current and potential attributes of a player.

The U-17 BRICS Cup saw India go head to head against the mighty Brazilians and although the match ended in a 3-1 defeat for the Indian Team, there were a lot of positives to gain. The young team showed great character to equalize in the first half and it was clear that the future of Indian football is in good hands. India is all set to host the U-17 Fifa World Cup in 2017. Goa, Kochi and Navi Mumbai have been given the nod to host matches for this prestigious tournament.

Indian Sports Minister Vijay Goel recently said that the aim is to train 11 million children in football before the World Cup next year. Being given the opportunity to host the competition is a huge boost for the development of the sport in India. It would ensure developments in infrastructure and more awareness regarding the sport. With the current all-round boom, the future for the sport does look bright.


Indian national Football team uses GPSPORT a GPS tracking wearable, which is a huge step forward for Indian Football, but we need to introduce future technology in sports not only for the professionals but also for the Academy youths. In fact analyzing and scouting is much more important if a player is young because he can be molded and perfected if only his potential is understood properly. Scouting is also a very important aspect to develop a nation in football, it determines the attributes of a player and where he fits in a team, which are his best playing position and what role he plays best.

Without the use of Analytics, we are only choosing to learn football difficulty and ineffectively and limiting the progress we can achieve as a footballing nation but with analytical solutions, India is sure to produce excellent talents, and who knows we might be playing in the World Cup sooner than expected.

PS: Yes, Rome was not built in a day. But with modern equipment and proper techniques to implement them, Rome could have been built far more quickly.


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