The Mysterious Stone Age Island

Have you ever wondered how people in the stone-age era lived? The time when Homo sapiens did not have something as basic as a matchbox and stones were rubbed against one another to create fire. Forget matchbox, the stone agers were wanderers by nature and wandered from one place to another instead of settling in a particular place. That means they didn’t even have shelters. It is amusing to imagine how their lives would have been with no shelter, no machines, no electricity and definitely no mobile phones. None of us would be able to survive even for a day without even one of these things. Would you believe it if I told you a place like that still exists where people live like stone agers? I am sure you would not, but the truth is a place like this exists. And it exists, not very far from our homes. It is one of our very Andaman Island in the Bay of Bengal. It is called the North Sentinel Island.

I may have exaggerated a bit, but the island has zero contact with the modern world. They do not even have contact with anyone from outside their island including the other Andaman Islands. If any person or being from outside their island tries to make contact with them, they are attacked with arrows and stones. Repeated attempts of the Indian government to contact the people of the island have gone unsuccessful. The Indian government has now abandoned all attempts to contact these people.


There are no good quality picture or video of the people of this island. As these people attack anyone who tries to com close to them.


The inhabitants of this island managed to survive the 2004 tsunami which wrecked havoc in all the places surrounding the Indian Ocean. An inhabitant of this island was photographed firing an arrow at the Indian Coast guard post the tsunami indicating the people of this island survived the tsunami.

In 2006, two fishermen who tried to encroach the island, were killed by the people of this island. Since then, the Indian government has declared it illegal to enter the island and the area within a radius of 3 miles surrounding the island. However fishermen constantly try to approach this island in search of newer fishing territories.


Survival International, which advocates for tribal peoples’ rights, describes the people of this island as ‘the most vulnerable society on the planet’ as they are likely to have no immunity to common diseases such as flu and measles. The Indian government is doing its best to protect these people.


The population of this island is not known and could range from twenty-five to three hundred.


It is always fascinating to read about such incidents. And nothing fuels your imagination or piques your curiosity like such cases. However it is my estimate that on account of the curious and inconsiderate nature of the modern civilization, it is not long before the island will be forcefully entered upon for ‘science and research’.


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