The changing trajectory of Indian Sports

India is now becoming a sports loving country from a cricket loving country. Earlier, India just used to be passionate just about one sport – Cricket. But now, due to recent accomplishments in other sports, people have started to realize the importance of sports and now give credit and recognition to different sportsmen.


A sport is not just a physical activity. It is a mix of Art, Skill, Motivation, Passion, Accomplishment, Joy, Pride and Responsibility. Regular playing of any sport brings in health and well-being. That is why it is important to promote and encourage sports. Moreover when people will get to know the importance and benefits through sports, they will encourage their children to pursue sports which will bring in more people in the field of sports.


Recently, Indian football team secured its best ever FIFA ranking because of some spectacular performances around the globe. European football Championships and FIFA World Cup was already very popular in India but the Indian National Football Team was mostly underappreciated. Indian football has been brought under spotlight through ISL.

In recent years, badminton players like Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu have made India proud by dominating the sport globally. There are some Badminton Academies in India which are of International standard and have produced world class players. Badminton players also get endorsements from top brands further encouraging the youth to pursue sports.


The states of Punjab and Haryana are known for Wrestling and there have been wrestlers of high caliber from these states, who have represented India at Global Competitions. Even in boxing, India has done exceedingly well.


Hockey was a very popular sport in India when the Indian team used to dominate the world but as the team’s performances declined, the popularity of the sport died. But, in the last few years, the Indian hockey team has won tournaments in different parts of the world. Unfortunately, although many other countries have appreciated their performance, their achievements are relatively unknown in India.


India has been the homeland of some Tennis and Squash legends. Archery, Shooting, Athletics, etc. – all these sports are growing in popularity and this looks like good news for the sports enthusiasts of India.


But, what needs to change in India is the standard of sports facilities at the ground level. Also, encouragement should be given to children who show interest and talent in different sports and they should not be forced to take up an ordinary job just to become financially stable. The Indian government should increase efforts to provide financial stability to budding sportsmen. Indian population comprises about 20% of the world population. And possibilities of having good sportsmen is so much more with such a large population. It is very important to identify such people, encourage and motivate them in the right direction and provide them with the right facilities. If India is able to do that, it will see itself outshining all other countries at all major sports competitions of the world and it will be among the topmost countries in the medal tally of Olympics. If China can do it, so can India and much better than the Chinese.



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