Stay Single Till You Meet This Kind Of Girl & Then Keep Her For The Life

Stay single till you meet the kind of girl whose face lights up at the sight of you. The kind of girl who can’t stop smiling around you. The girl who looks forward to seeing you because without seeing your face, somehow, her day isn’t the same.

Wait till you meet the kind of girl who cannot see anyone but you; even when she’s in a crowd. The kind of girl who won’t leave your side at a party, or even around friends. Stay single till you meet the kind of girl who understands taking it slow but, won’t use that as a way to look for other potential interests. The kind of girl who knows from the very beginning that it’s you. The kind of girl who has been waiting for someone like you to come along for the longest time. She knows it’s cheesy and silly. But, she also knows it’s instinctive and she believes in nothing else.

She’s the one who will do absolutely anything to brighten up your day. She’s the one who will ask after you and look out for you even when you don’t know it. She’ll wonder why you’re down and do all that she can to pick you up. She’ll go the extra mile and do what seems almost too difficult for her just so she can let you know that she’s in it for good. Wait till you meet such a girl who is already off the market since she met you; it doesn’t matter if the two of you are single, or confused. She’ll be the one who will be waiting for the day you are ready. And when you are, she will be right there waiting for you to realize what she knew to be true all along. This kind of girl will be your very own personal cheerleader. She will make you feel things in ways that you have never felt before. She will make you feel in ways that you cannot comprehend. You’ve never been here before; you may not even understand it all completely. But, let it unfold.

This kind of girl will go to any end—rosy or ugly to let you know what she’s feeling; even if it’s the hardest thing she may ever have to do. She will fight with you and for you. And she will apologise a hundred different times. She will make mistakes and rectify those mistakes for you. Don’t, for a single minute, take this to mean that she is weak-willed, gullible or needy. Take this, instead to believe that she is so certain of your existence in her life that she’s willing to bet her very own existence on it. Her spirit is commendable and indomitable all at once; even when she may not show it.

And when you’re ready for this kind of girl, don’t waste another minute. Date her. Date her so she knows you realize she was the one all along. Date her so you can finally experience what real feelings and true connection really are. Date her so she can fall for you and you, for her. Date her so she knows that you appreciate her; so she can show you that nothing else matters. All the uncertainty, the doubt, the shadows of the past and the cloudiness of the future will then be irrelevant.


Date her because she will become your best friend. And you will never have to want anyone ever again. Date her because when you need someone to talk to and be by your side, she will always be there, holding your hand, lending you her shoulder and an ear. She will be there to listen to you, watch you be, give in to you, laugh at your jokes, wipe away your tears and embrace you like life depends on it. She will hold you till you no longer feel alone; she will care for you till you forget about the hurt and she will take all the hurt that you feel and feel it along with you, too.


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