SMALL Town & BIG Cities : Are Two different Shades of Life ???- By Anu

Being born and brought in a small town of Punjab, which is quite known and popular among tourists..guess what it is..a town where the famous Golden temple is located…yes you guessed it right. It’s Amritsar a town rich in history and a food hub. As I gradauated I moved to Gurgaon a metro city as other people did to start working in a Corporate.
While on the way back from office a random thought cross my mind how about writing an article on how does it feels to stay in both places and how the life differs in a small town than a life in big city and felt like sharing my thoughts on same.
Well the perks of staying in both are different and it is up-to one’s personal preferences. One can choose to stay in a city or town depending on the kind of lifestyle they want and also it depends on what kind of work one does for their livelihood. I just want to share the differences that I have felt over the time period as I have stayed in both the places
The first difference between small town life and big city life is that in a small town everyone knows each other or is your far distant cousin. On the contrary in big cities anyone doesn’t know each other and they don’t even know the people who live in the same apartment building. In small town, people look out for each other and treat each other as a family and in case of trouble they would go out of their way to help other person. While in a big city everyone is so busy that others person’s problems don’t interest them.
The second between small town life and big city life is that in former you are more likely to meet people who are different from each other as people have migrated from different states and moved to big cities. They bring along a different culture, different rituals, different languages, varied food. It’s interesting to interact with tons of people and in this way you get enriched by knowing about each other cultures. In small towns most of the people are familiar with each other and their ancestors can be same people, so their culture is same or similar. People have similar lifestyle with nothing much to do. People, in contrast, have different life style in big cities every person has different job, task, culture and belief, so their life is affected by them and depending upon them their life style is also different
 Another difference is people migrating in big number often people migrate to big cities in search of jobs, better salaries as the number of opportunities are lesser in small cities. Although the care, affection and warmth you get while living in a small town while staying with your own family is incomparable.
As you move to big cities, you have to be own your own , you need to take care of your daily chores, your finances . It teaches you independence but at times it drains you emotionally and makes you value your relationships.
And lastly there aren’t much traffic problems as compared to long lasting traffic jams of metro cities it takes your frustration level game up as you get stuck in long queues of traffic. It’s a big relief in small cities as it’s easy to reach everywhere within the city in few minutes. It’s just a matter of choice either you want to settle down in a small or big city. Not everyone likes the fast paced lifestyle of metros and vice-versa. Do let me know in the comment section where you prefer living.


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