Numb and Cold in Sagada Philippinnes

First time to feel so numb.

It was freezing cold in this place.

I visited this place last November 2015 and the best time to visit t is from Feb – Nov because the weather is cool and dry.
Late December brings with it the added bonus of the annual bonfire festival (Dec. 28).

If you don’t mind a packed town, then this would be a fun time to go. Similarly, the town fiesta is held during the first week of February so that may be another festive time to visit.
March and April get warm and dusty so skip those months if you want to experience Sagada’s cool mountain climate.
The rains begin to fall more regularly from May to July, with typhoon season coming in August until October.
Landslides are more frequent at that time so avoid those months at all costs. On top of that, it would be dangerous to enter Sumaguing Cave during rainy season since water levels can rise very quickly during a storm.HOW TO GET THERE FROM MANILA
Credits to #LakbayPinas for a perfect travel guide.
I took a package from a travel agency so it is less hassle because DIY going up here is too much time & effort consuming.
You can take a bus going to Baguio ( around 500PHP fare one way ) then take another scheduled bus going to Sagada ( 70PHP ).

I stayed here for 3Days 3 nights includes trip to Banaue, Battad & Baguio,

Sagada is one of those places where you can stay for weeks doing little more than soaking up the cool mountain air.
It’s inexpensive, even by Philippine standards, so you can pretty much stay as long as you like.
I stayed for a week and a half once just reading and walking around.
I loved it. For most travelers, 3 days should be enough to see all the major sights.BUDGET
My tour package includes the accommodation and transport for 3,500 PHP for 3days 3nights.

I only spend PHP500 for 3meal daily so it is depending on your choices of the meal on how much budget you will be needing.
Transportation was mentioned above and for the transient house, it starts from 700PHP overnight if you plan DIY.
Taxies also are everywhere that you can take advantage. Please be advised that Sagada is a cash only town.
As far as I know, establishments still do not accept credit cards nor are there any money changers around. There’s just one ATM there so be sure to bring enough cash to fund your trip.PLACE TO STAY: Lodge Ligaya
We stayed in a transient house in Sagada but this houses would normally cost 300-750PHP overnight. Every room has a balcony, bathroom and there’s kitchen to cook food.

1. Sumaguing Cave
Estimated Time Needed: 1.5 – 2 hrs / Fitness Level: Moderate / Guide Fee: PHP 500 (up to 4 pax)

2. Hanging Coffins of Echo Valley
After Sumaguing Cave, the hanging coffins are the second most popular attraction in Sagada. It’s pretty amazing to see them up close, especially the ones perched high up on the side of the rock! To get to the coffins, go to St. Mary’s Church and the cemetery. Walk past the cemetery and make your way down into the valley. From the top, it’ll be a relatively easy 15-20 min hike to the coffins.
The coffins are easy enough to find on your own, but it is possible to get lost in the valley. For your own safety and peace of mind, you may want to hire a guide from the tourist office for just PHP 200 (up to 10 pax).
Estimated Time Needed: 1 – 1.5 hrs / Fitness Level: Low / Guide Fee: PHP 200 (up to 10 pax)
3. Bomod-ok Waterfalls
Locally known as the “Big Falls” & it is freezing cold in this place to swim. Estimated Time Needed: 4-5 hrs / Fitness Level: Moderate / Guide Fee: PHP 600 (up to 10 pax)

4. Kiltepan Viewpoint
A place where you are up above the clouds. Also known as the place where “that thing called tadhana” was shooted, a famous movie in the Philippines. We took a jeepney ride and enjoyed the view from the top of jeep 🙂

There are a lot of food provides along the city proper in Sagada that you can pick a choice from depending on your taste buds. Walk along the city and there’s an option. Ranging from high-end restaurants to turo-turo.

 I cannot forget our last night in here, we enjoyed a bonfire for a cause saving lives of people with cancer and enjoyed eating buffet of meals including PINEKPEKAN & Lemon Pie. First time to taste and tastes good 🙂

Hope this helped you. More photos and blogs at my page @byaheninath




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