Recently there is a news of “Phantom Barbers” in Northern India. More than 50 cases have reported that there are women who have had their hair chopped off while they were unconscious. One of the bizarre case of Mass Hysteria.

Mass Hysteria is a sociopsychological phenomenon in which a large group of people exhibits the same weird and laughable kind symptoms simultaneously.

Similar things are happening there. The person suffering from this kind of stage of mind do the things himself in his unconscious state of mind. They are not aware of what they are doing to themselves.

If we study the case reports registered on “Phantom Barbers”, we will observe that most of the kind of victims of this case were unconscious, have no clue about the persons surrounding to them, and they mostly build their stories as per the stories of the cases happen earlier than them. We are also able to observe that more than 80% women are related to rural places or uneducated. The persons who are not used to of work and like to gossip about all the lavish things believe these rumors very easily. We have a very famous idiom for this kind of persons in Hindi. i.e.,

When a person has nothing to learn in his life, they started making their own stories, they follow their own stories. Our mind always needs something to learn, as our body needs foods, similarly, our mind needs thoughts. An idle person has nothing to feed to his mind. As our body can eat grass in case it finds nothing to eat, similarly an idle men’s mind starts making these kinds of bizarre Stories.

Not only this, in 2006 Mumbai has a “SWEET” water case which claims that the water at Mahim Creek, one of the most polluted creeks in India had suddenly turned “sweet”. After hearing that news Gujarat claims that seawater at Teethal beach had turned sweet as well.
This Kind of many cases has been founded on many regions in the World. This is a kind of socio-psychological symptoms. There is nothing to be fear of a supernatural power or a witch or a hair thieves…


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