Importance Of Yoga Training At Workplace

Yoga is a time-tested practice to heal your body. It gives you physical as well as mental peace. It has almost prevention and treatment for every possible disease. The emerging trend of yoga is even finding its place in our workplace. In fact, the demand for yoga trainers is increasing in co-operate the world. Providing yoga during lunch and break hours in offices is the easiest way of reducing the stress of employees. And if you provide your employees with e-learning yoga training then it will be like Icing on the cake.

Benefits Of E-Learning Yoga Training At Workplace

Less Hostility And Aggression

For a better and more productive workplace, there should be harmony among employees. A controlled study in the journal Ayu of 160 workers at an engineering firm in India, yoga was shown to reduce hostility and aggression.  In the study, half studied and practiced yoga for one hour daily, while the other half received lectures in management theory and engaged in light exercise for the same amount of time. At the end of 10 weeks, the yoga group showed significantly improved scores for positivity and lowered scores for aggression and counterproductive work activities compared to the control group.

So, it is necessary to practice yoga for a lessen hostility and aggression.


Decline in stress-related sick occurrences

Yoga training helps in declining the stress-related sick occurrences. We haunch our day on a computer to work for so long and it causes stress. Yoga helps to reduce the stress so the cases of stress sickness get reduced automatically and give a healthy environment to work.


Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task

Yoga helps you to better focus and improve concentration. Hectic schedules and killing deadline make our day a little more stressful. The endless cacophony of your official work cause a barrier on your concentration and disturbs your focus. Here, yoga comes in the peacefulness of yoga helps to clear the clutter around you at the workplace.

It fresh your minds and make you more mindful. The meditation you do under yoga makes you alert and focused.


Better customer service

If you do yoga on regular basis it makes you happy and you feel positive. Yoga enhances your morale to stay calm and cool. And by staying calm, cool and happy you will treat your customers with a better service. It will help you to increase your business.


Relief from various pains and strains

In our day long jobs, we sit for hours without moving from our chairs, it causes various strains and pains that can affect us for life. But if you do yoga during your work hours you can manage your strain and will get relief of your pain.


Increase Energy & Improve Productivity

One study showed that sitting for 5+ hours at the same place kills the productivity of your work but if you take some yoga sessions in the break you will feel light and stress-free, you will feel energetic. And If you work with more energy and strength, you definitely achieve more productivity. So practicing yoga can help you to reduce fatigue during work at your workplace.


How Can I Get Started?

It’s a great question to ask but easy to answer. Yes, it’s easy to get started with e-learning course for your employees to make your workplace more productive and less stressed. Identify the needs of your workplace and customize a course curriculum for your company and employees.

You don’t even need a well-furnished classroom or a trained faculty of teachers you just need to provide them with an e-learning yoga course so that they can practice it with their own convenience of time. Let them take breaks during work for short exercises but if you provide them with e-learning they can practice it at their homes as well.

According to figures in the Health and Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report for Great Britain, 2012/13, 22.7 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health during the period and mental ill health is the single highest cause of working days lost within this figure.

You shouldn’t take yoga as a daily activity, put it as a medium that you have to encourage your employees to work better. Make your workplace a better and stress or anxiety-free place for your employees. And e-Learning makes it possible and easy.


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