I Like GOA : I DO Different Things Each Time – By Achla C

I have visited Goa a total of four times. Each time, with a different type of company giving me an opportunity to view the state in four different tourist perspectives.

I visited Goa for the first time with my parents. I was just entering my teens at that time. We stayed at a five star hotel- The Leela Goa for the first time. It was also my first time travelling by air. It was my first tryst with luxury and I enjoyed every bit of it. Like all hotels, Leela had fancy rooms, those big snuggly bathrobes, a big bathtub and a wide spread breakfast. I enjoyed every bit of it.

I also made two friends- Aditi and Prateek in the hotel’s swimming pool. Aditi taught me how to swim and to date I credit her as the person who taught me swimming. Nowadays, I hate travelling in the stuffy budget airlines in the inhospitable environment. Back then there were no budget airlines. I still remember I got toffies and cotton buds for my ears when we boarded. I got a kiddie meal which was supplied by Taj catering and the food was lip smacking. That was the first time I ever ate a pudding.

The second time I visited Goa was with my school friend Pranjal. We were a diverse group at that time with me, her, her boyfriend from college, two friends from their college and my friend’s boyfriend’s young aunt. We stayed at a Club Mahindra resort in South Goa as my friend’s boyfriend’s aunt was a member. Although she was young, she was 8 years older than us at thirty and times. We drank and smoked and flaunted our legs, but we never got to go clubbing.

Our resort was in South Goa and all the clubs were in North Goa, which is more than 65 kilometers away from South Goa and Goa gets really dark in the night.  So our ‘chaperone’ didn’t allow us to go clubbing since she was worried about us. But it was my first trip to Goa and my first time travelling with strangers. And although I was unable to check all items on my Goa list we did most of the things. I made some new friends and my friendship with Pranjal became stronger.

My third visit was with my then boyfriend and now husband. Both of us had joined a somewhat known FMCG organization as Management Trainees. Tired of selling soap and oil to kirana stores, we needed a break. It was a short trip of three days where we relaxed, went for long drives and enjoyed chilled beer and pakoras. But we still didn’t go clubbing. We were physically tired and exhausted from our jobs and chose sleep over clubbing. But they were one of our best three days.

The fourth time I went to Goa was with my husband, my childhood best friend and her boyfriend. And this time we did go clubbing. Moreover my friend bought the ‘stuff’ for us. The trip was AMAZING! My husband and I are looking forward to more trips with them.

Each time I went to Goa, I did something different. But I enjoyed each time and even now I am always ever ready to visit Goa.

Who knows, what will happen next time?


Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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