Here Is The Most Bizarre Things Of 2k17

Times change, years move ahead and a lot of new things come-up; if we talk about the country India then the changing times bring with it a lot of new trends which might include people that are bizarre enough to boggle your mind.

We have recorded 5 things that happened in 2017 which almost gave a heart-attack to people and that too in their brains. These existences literally have no logic, no base and no sense at all. You’re surely going to relate to this and hopefully feel the same way as I do.

Here are 5 Special elements of the year 2017 and made people fall into their trap. Be ready to get your mind blown:

Fidget Spinner

Trend or stress-better? People consider it to be one of the trendiest things ever and someone someday claimed that he felt less stressed-up when he uses the spinner which suddenly boomed up its market and that too on a global level. Using your fingers to rotate a ring like thing and trying to balance it on your finger while making a Snapchat literally makes no sense.

Aachari Condom

Wait, what? Did you say aachar? You mean pickle? And condom? What?? Pickle flavored condom is a thing now, and people seem to be a fan of these. There have been a lot of orders that people place for this one. Can you imagine? What is happening man? This is really bizarre.


National Anthem before movies

These days the government of India has created one rule which literally has no logic. They play national anthem before starting-off the movie just because people should stand and respect in regard to the anthem. Excuse me? One, under-roof national anthem doesn’t make it necessary for people to stand and two, why is patriotism being forced on people? It simply has no point.


How can we forget one of the latest, most trendy and the most senseless mobile dating application ever? I mean how can a person just swipe right and choose someone they wish to date? Is finding love so cheap these days or has it lost its value? It’s just so below my understanding level that I don’t even feel like getting into this ‘Tinder Shit’.



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