Here Are The Scientific Facts Behind The Indian Rituals

India is a beautiful country which has lots of tradition which people follow. They follow every ritual which has deep scientific meaning inside. There are many states in India and each state has its own culture and tradition.

Did you ever thought why we have bells in a temple? Why do we pray? Why does a bride apply mehendi? Today we will discuss about these points and will let you know the Scientific meaning behind Indian traditions.

Scientific meaning behind Indian traditions –

Toe rings

It is said that the nerves of the toe are directly to uterus. This direct connection helps in getting regular menstrual cycle.

Mehendi applications

This Indian art tattoo is generally done to keep body calm and decrease stress.

Not consuming meat on certain days

This activity is done to reduce addiction as the overconsumption of meat causes problems of kidney stones and liver etc

Ear piercing

They do help in increasing the thinking ability and enhancing intellect powers.


Ringing of the bells makes your mind alert and sharp. It helps you to concentrate more for devotional purposes


Folding hands together symbolises pressure points of eyes, ears and mind.

Applying Sindoor

Mercury, lime and turmeric are used to prepare sindoor. Mercury is needed to keep the brain active, alert and it also controls the blood pressure which brings sexual drive and energy. Sindoor also gives a beautiful look to a bride

Touching elder’s feet

When the people become old they have lot of experience and knowledge and they become judgemental about the life.

When you touch the feet of such elderly person the flow of energy get encouraged and when they touch your head and give you blessing the same energy again get exchanged between two people. This blessing received from elderly people gives you inner glow and strength.

Wearing bangles

When you wear a bangle there is energy which passes from your outer skin to your whole body. The bangles are in a ring shape so it sends the energy back to the body.

Offering Pooja to Idol

You must have observed that the brain always remembers what we see. In earlier days in schools we were not having this facility. When you focus on a picture it becomes easy for a brain to catch it easily. In the same way when you see an Idol you become close to it and you start worshipping it. 


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