From A Lower Middle-Class Family To Being Google’s CEO, ‘The Journey Of Sunder Pichai’

There are many stories and many people who stand as a role model for the society.

Here is the story of Sunder Pichai ‘From A Lower Middle-Class Family To Being Google’s CEO, ‘The Journey Of Sunder Pichai’.

Pichai was born in a middle-class family not the way as he was now, in the childhood.His story from a middle-class family to the largest search engine giant i.e GOOGLE’S CEO is truly an inspiring story for everyone and it makes sense that every individual would rather feel it early.His lots of hard work and tough times made him stood here now in this position..Before entering the higher studies Pichai used to live in a two-room house with his family in a small apartment, Pichai was soo good at maths and has a great memory power and thinking capacity. Even in the present day, he is considered as a super mathematical calculation and abilities.

Because of such a great talent, he went to IIT Kharagpur and there he worked hard and make his dream come true by making higher studies at Stanford University with the scholarships, though he cant afford to fly for abroad his family faced many problems and finally he successfully completed as a material science masters and started working at
Applied materials and in 2004 he joined Google the company and has become the CEO of the company because of his sincere and great hardworking nature and the great attitude.


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