Five Most Expensive Iphone Cases in the World

Smartphone cases and covers have become one part of individual’s life and wardrobe now. Mobile cases are not only to safeguard the phone from damage but nowadays these cases have become a style quotient for every individual. Selecting an unique case isn’t easy as these needs to be the best and match with our look, this became really important nowadays. Some people will have a collection of mobile cases with different design and will change each day on the basis of the attire they wear on a particular day. Talking about luxury cases, there are many unique designer pieces available in the market now. Let us have a look at some of the luxurious and stylish mobile cases which you would really die to have.

1. Dragon and Spider Case

Designed by – Anita Mai Tan
Made of – 18 carat white gold
Price – $880,000

2. Titanium Case from Brikk

Designed by – Brikk
Made of – Titanium
Price – $4,430

3. The Tower Flower Case

Designed for – Girls
Made of – Handcrafted Plastic case and flowers are made of mother of Pearl
Price – $1,495

4. Dolce & Gabbana Case

Designed by – D&G
Made of – Bronze/Silver
Price – $595

5. Swarovski Crystal-Covered Case

Designed by – Swarovski
Made of – Gems, Swarovski, Small Teddy Bear, Octopus, Bow, Flower, Pearls and Small piece of gold chain; all hand crafted
Price – $239

Try these world’s most luxurious cases, if you have some enough money burning in your pockets, and give a special look to your smartphone, you should consider one of the above to feel special.


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