Confessions of a failed entrepreneur- III

To many, the thought of being an entrepreneur sounds exciting. But so does the thought of a becoming a movie star to many. Becoming an successful entrepreneur is somewhat like becoming a movie star. While the probability of becoming a successful movie star is really low, almost one in a million, probability of becoming a successful entrepreneur is also not very high. But many people don’t think about the likelihood of failure enough before taking the big leap. We do not want to ‘jinx’ our venture. We think about things like how we will get to be our own boss, the fame and money we will get when we become successful and the feeling of self satisfaction. Everybody wants to have these things. But we forget big fat ‘if’. We will get all those things only ‘if’ we are successful.

Let me tell you as a failed entrepreneur, there are many cons, which deserve significant consideration. Not to discourage you from starting your own venture or something, but do think about what happens when you fail. And you could learn from my experience. At least that’s what failure brings for you, experience.

And I bring to you my confessions, which contain some things you don’t hear often.


Confession # 5: The sense of relief.


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For many their ventures are like babies and the day their business shuts down is one of the saddest days of their lives. But you know what I felt? A sense of relief. You would say that’s because may be I am not passionate enough. Yes that could be true, considering I was in it for the money since I was not able to find a job. But there was also the fact that I was running around the clock like a maniac managing everything sales, marketing and operations. I even delivered food using my second hand scooty when my delivery boy decided to take an off without informing me. I did everything to get more sales. After having a long physically stressful day, I had to come back and do the administrative and marketing work. And I wasn’t getting any orders (mine was a food start-up). So when I finally decided to close down, I felt relieved thinking about all the running around the clock I wouldn’t have to do.


Confession # 6: I gave up


It is a given that when you start something of your own, you need to give it your everything to make it work. Sometimes you succeed with a mediocre effort. But most of the times you have to not just work hard, but slog like a mule. And I was slogging like a mule. But still I don’t think I gave my venture everything that I could. That’s right, before closing down, I didn’t try to do everything possible to save it. I was tired and exhausted and gave up.

What I want you to know is, when you start a start-up (alliteration intended!), there are going to be many times when feel like giving up. So you should have a determination of steel when you decide to become an entrepreneur.


I end my series with my sixth confession. But I would end by saying, in spite of all roadblocks, never be afraid to follow your dreams. But get into something like entrepreneurship after knowing and considering all the cons.


Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂


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