Believe It Or Not, Broken Girls Are Always Going To BE The Strongest!

I want you to think about the following women, all of whom have faced hardships and overcome struggles to reach where they are today – Kangana Ranaut, J.K Rowling, Vidya Balan, Oprah Winfry and Indira Nooyi. If you aren’t aware of them, just run a quick Google search and you’ll understand why I’ve mentioned their names. These strong and independent women, all of whom are proud and powerful personifications of women power, had incredibly humble beginnings and enormous struggles to overcome before they reached where they are right now. Did these strong women always get their way? No! They became stronger over time because more often than not, the things they planned for just didn’t work out. The chips were mostly down, but they refused to give up and kept on fighting till they won. They believed in themselves and their dreams, and never gave up.

Beneath every strong woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up and never depend on anyone else. She is the one who will listen to you and talk about things nobody else would listen to. She will go out of her way to be there for you. She will be the first person to congratulate you on an achievement and also the first one to give you a shoulder to cry on when you fail. She will hear you laugh, cry, rant, crib and complain. She is the type of girl who holds you while you cry and one who’ll be up all night just to make sure you are okay, even though she’s the one who is breaking inside.

She has been cheated on, she has been deceived, she has been made to feel like shit, but yet she chooses to rise like a phoenix. She rises to be the daughter every parent wants, the friend everyone needs and the person the world desires. You thought you could break her spirit by breaking her heart? You thought she’d be a weeping mess after you left? You thought she’d become weaker? Well, you thought wrong.

She used that hurt, that pain and that agony and channeled it to become the person she always wanted to be. She has become stronger than ever before, and has learnt not to rely on anybody but herself. And she has become this strong because she had to go through hell. She has become this strong because people tried to toy with her emotions. And most importantly, she has become this strong so that nobody could ever break her again. She might be slightly broken, a little bruised and even permanently scarred, but she sure as hell isn’t weak, not anymore.


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