A little heaven called Seychelles

I did not know about the place called Seychelles, until I saw in some Mahesh Bhatt movie and boy! I was mesmerized by its beauty. It ‘s like why no one had explored this place before.


It is a country in the Indian Ocean and basically an Island or a group of island. The more you know of Seychelles, the more interesting it appears. Seychelles became independent from British in 1976. Since then agriculture has been its main occupation. You will find natural beaches that are serene and unexploited.

Places to visit:

Any new place always ups your curiosity levels. But Seychelles will stun you. Seychelles has an advantage of Indian ocean, North- east of Madagascar and 1600 kms east of Kenya. It is said that Seychelles has over 115 granite and coral islands. The most popular ones are white powder of Beau Vallon on Mahe and Anse Lazio on Praslin.

The poplation of Seychelles is 94, 677 (2016 census). Hence the majority of islands are uninhabited. Seychelles is an ideal honeymoon destination. The stunning pink sands and boulders of Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue make it to the most gorgeous and natural beauty.

The stay and the beauty of Seychelles is like a painting come true in real.There are 3 languages spoken in Seychelles – mainly English, French and Creole. The locals in Seychelles are termed as Seychellois.

Creole is the most widely spoken language in Seychelles. Though English is taught in school as a second language, the government and media speak English. Since French were the first immigrants on the island, French is the third official language of the country.

Cuisine :

Seychelles is an island, so fish is an important part of their meal. their cuisine has influences from Africa, France, India, China and British. The main and commonly used ingredients are ginger, tamarind, lemon grass and coriander.


What interested me was Seychelles has a hint of Indian origin. There is a Hindu temple in Victoria, which is decorated with beautiful statues and paintings. Then there is a clock tower on Mahe Island. The locals though call it `little Big Ben’ as it is a replica of London’s famous clock tower. Pearl Farm de Praslin, is another beautiful landmark to visit. This is located on Praslin Islands. This place is all about pearl farming. Victoria Market is a place where you can see the flavours and taste of Seychelles. It is a fruit and vegetable market with variety of new stuff.

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Though Seychelles is a small country and an island, but it is complete in itself. If you are looking for some privacy and quiet time, then Seychelles is a place which works well without going overboard on your budget. However commuting from one island to the other, one has to embark a ferry.

The weather is very favourable in Seychelles, which is perfect for the beach. The temperature is around 27C. It rarely rains, and even if it rains, it is for a short time. The dry months are between May and September. The wettest months are November to January.

My bags are packed and the next trip is going to be Seychelles – which is a little heaven on earth!



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