7 Ways To Calm Your Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome – Do you frequently experience ache, urge to move your legs, discomfort, burning sensation, cramps, twitching in your legs?!

Well, that could be Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). The restless leg syndrome generally known to be the ‘Sleep disorder’, doesn’t let people suffering from it to have proper, peaceful sleep – it urges them to move their legs which hinder their sleep.

Estimates show that about 10% of the Americans suffer from this syndrome, while about 5%-15% adults experience this and it is about 19% in the pregnant women. Though this might not be a grave issue, leads to insomnia and fatigue.

Here are various causes for restless leg syndrome:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Nerves disorder
  • Pregnancy
  • Unhealthy habits like alcohol and smoking
  • Obesity and others.

Now, having seen some of the various causes of the restless leg syndrome – let’s get close to the things that could help in cure or letting some sigh of relief. Have a look.

Warm water to the rescue

Nothing can just beat this home remedy for RLS. Soak your feet in a tub of warm water. Trust me, that is going to sooth down those nerves in the legs giving some relief.

Exercise well

Make sure to start your day and end it up with a good amount of stretch exercise to the legs. This work wonders by easing the symptoms of RLS.

Kick away the unhealthy habits

Just quit the unhealthy habits like consumption of alcohol and smoking as these may get the symptoms of RLS worse. Trying avoiding them several hours before going to bed.

Iron supplements

As discussed earlier, RLS is caused due to deficiency of iron. And so this can be rectified with the help of some iron supplements. As we all know, self-medication could be harmful, so consult your doctor and take a step forward.


A good massage to the lower legs would make you feel better. For massage use either hot or cold compressed packs – ones like hot oil massage or ice packs on the legs. Do the massage for yourself in circular motions or take help of someone. A massage right before bed time, lets you get in proper sleep.

Avoid daytime naps

Try not to sleep at the day time as that may not let you get some good sleep at night. Completely try avoiding sleep session during the day times and could for sure lets the problem lessen.

Regular walking or leg movement sessions

Hooked up on a call, don’t sit at a place – instead start working and stretching your legs. Let them get good stretch and movement.

With these really simple tips, the restless leg syndrome can be defeated giving you peaceful sleep. Try them out and set the syndrome at bay.



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