‘7 Stages Of Going On A Road Trip’

Here are the few stages of successful road trips


Nothing can be more fun than going on a road trip with our friends, Just the anticipation of the trip can help us pass many a dull week at work because we know when the day comes, the whole experience will be absolutely epic.

Stopping to click selfish on the roadside

Taking selfies and farming memories with our buddies are something that’s become mandatory in life. And when it’s during a road trip where we are crossing gorgeous and scenic locations, hopping out of the car for a selfish with our friends is all we want to do. It generates lots of fun and happiness. ..

Making that perfect playlist which we will be listening to on loop

Making the perfect playlist for our trip is actually the very first stage of going on a road trip. As we will be on the road for a decently long time, we did really want to listen to some of our favorite songs on loop. In fact, any trip especially a road trip is virtually incomplete without good music and so needless to say, making a playlist of such songs becomes vital.

We should have high hopes

This happens in the early stages of the car ride, usually within the first one to three hours. This is the best part of the trip. We have the car packed with water, snack food, pillows, and blankets. We are awake, alert and should mentally prepared for the trip. Nothing can bring you down! This trip will be a breeze. We and our travel buddies are ready to tackle this drive and gets a fantastic pleasure.

Finally Celebrations

When we finally reach your destination, our heart skips a beat as we step out of the car. We have never appreciated the act of walking as much as we do right at that moment. Our brain is blocking out the whole trip because we are so relieved it’s over.

We and our travel partners are once again on good terms. All of the arguments over food, music, leg space and loud snoring are all forgotten. Nothing can bring us guys down.

The dreaded realization

This doesn’t happen until the day we are heading home. This is when we realize that we are about to go through the whole trip all over again, except now we are just headed home.

Safety and Riskless

We should maintain our journey as safe as possible, never cross the limits and drive rashly…It should be at only enjoyable and make fun like gossips, cheers and many more. Make sure that  your car is in good working order. And take a break for every three hours.


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