Before getting into the idea of ‘Gay Marriage’ first, we have to understand the terminology and the meaning behind it. Gay marriage simply means marriage between the people of same-sex, either as a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting. But the practice of Gay-Marriages has been seen as a very outlandish thing in our society, even it is not legalized in our country but when we globally see around us we found that not everybody is that much conservative as the people are who consider gay-marriages equal to a crime. There are 24 countries where the idea of gay-marriages is legalized.
It is one of the greatest debate around the world that whether same-sex-marriages should be considered legalized or not. But we have seen through the time that public opinion is getting changed or you may say more liberal on the idea of gay marriages. If we peep into the studies we see that earlier only 35% of the Americans support gay-marriages while today 62% Americans are standing in support of gay marriages.
So it was about the fact and finding but if we think in general then also we found some good reasons that the gay marriages should be legalized. Here we have listed 7 good reasons that will make you think for a moment.
 Establish Equality
If we do not legalize the gay marriages than we directly harm the right of equality and liberty of LGBT community helps, so legalized gay marriages helps to establish the idea of equality and liberty.
Celebrate Love
To explain your love and feelings for someone you don’t need to have some valid grounds because love is something that is beyond human limits. So, instead of claiming gay marriages illegalized, we should celebrate the love behind it.
Acceptance of Variety
We are humans and definitely not all of us are same, there are a number of variations we can see between us. So, we should just accept the gay marriages as another aspect of variation.
Yes, gay marriages will establish stability and will decrease the number of divorce cases. In a society, where arranged marriages are considered as ideal one but we should not forget the number of separations in such marriages so it’s better to do what our hearts say. Because in such case no matter what the consequences will be, at least we will be satisfied that we have opted for it by ourselves.
We Are Who We Are
We are who we are, if we are sexually oriented than that should be respected. There is nothing aligned in it. Sexuality is not something we choose, nor we are born to feel ashamed of it. It is something given by nature so be tolerant of the variations.
Effect On Adopting Children
People who oppose LGBT would argue that gay parents will have difficulties for kids, but if we see through the other frame there is also a positive consequence of it. Yes, gay parents could be god gift to the orphans. LGBT people can adopt kids and promote the love in between.
Aligned With Human Rights
The people who oppose same-sex marriages directly attack human rights because LGBT rights and legalized same sex marriage are as equal as our other human rights. To protect LGBT’s human right, then gay marriages should be legalized.
So,  we can say that the growing voice of youth is majorly in support of LGBT rights and on moral basis even it should be legalized. It is not at all right to impose some general values on a particular demography if a person is sexually oriented than us then it’s simply our duty to make them feel normal with us instead of hyping the issue by declaring them illegal.


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