6 Weirdest Sex Rituals Around The World

Sex is the basic need of each and every human being. Not only humans this need extends even to every animal who are mammals. But as we are human beings so as per the culture we follow some rituals. Now rituals extend its domain to sex which we call it as sex ritual. Sex rituals are of two types i) culture created ii) natural behavior. The story of the development of sex rituals is something like this.

The constant instinct of evolution for reproduction and its integration and elaboration into the society that includes aspects such as marriage rites, dances etc. It is indeed true that ‘sex in its more ritualized and symbolic varieties that have molded the shape of civilization’.

Sexual rituals are sometimes considered as formal and/or part of any religious activity as in the case of Hieros Gamos, the hierodule, and the OTO. Contemporary Sexual rituals are considered ‘sacred, structured, symbolic, manifestation, ceremonies, traditions, everyday habits, grounding, magic, solemn’.

Weirdest Sex Rituals

In the year 2014, USA had a standard sex ritual; generally, roam around the bar in a confused manner in order to look for an attractive stranger who would buy you an alcoholic beverage hoping to have a friendly conversation and later some sex. To an outsider, this sex ritual might seem bizarre but if anyone goes through history books then it will reveal that throughout the world things which we do to turn on were peculiar downright. So in the light of this context “ 6 the weirdest Sexual rituals” shall be the epicenter of discussion. Let’s see what are those.

Boys & Girls of Zambian tribes have to drink semen

The Zambian tribe follows the tradition of separating boys from girls at the age of 7 for 10 years. During this period both boys and girls have to do piercing, nose bleeds and the worst part is they have to drink semen of mightiest warriors of the tribe.

Girls of the Trobriander tribe engage in sexual acts from the age of 6

The Trobriander tribe belongs from Papua New Guinea, forces children to have sexual acts from very young age. This is very much illegal and injustice especially for little girls where they are forced to be involved in sexual activities as boys start from age of 10-12 and girls on the other hand as quoted above starts from 6 years.

The Kreung tribe builds love huts where teenaged girls can have sex with different men till they find the one

The Kreung tribe belongs from Cambodia where elders build a love hut for their daughters. This ritual is the worst ever as daughters only face pain and are kept to stay day after day until and unless she finds a suitable partner, who had to be her partner for the rest of life.

Public masturbation ceremonies were held in Ancient Egypt

It is clear from the heading itself that people from ancient Egypt were desperate for masturbation. They believed the ebb and flow of Nile was only due to their God’s ejaculation. In order to ensure the wealth of water for crops, they would ritually masturbate into the Nile. They were such that they didn’t take into consideration the public of their reproductive organ in front of everyone and secrecy even flushed out which should have been kept. The only driving force was the belief of their God’s ejaculation.

In Indonesia, you can have sex outside of marriage during Pon celebration

People celebrate any festival with sweets, exchanging gifts and much more but this one’s unique. Participants of Pon festival are allowed to have intercourse with another partner other than wife or husband. It is believed by them that their wishes of good luck will only come true if they have sex with the same person at all seven celebrations throughout the year.

Adolescents of the Muria tribe, Chattisgarh, can ‘practise’ sex without emotional attachment

The Muria tribe from Chattisgarh have a very sexually liberated culture. Now, where on earth can you tell me that people are sent to sex dormitories to practice sex and the law is such that every people of the tribe are sent for practicing it. The Muria tribe have mixed sex dormitories where adolescents are sent to practice pre-marital sex with a single partner and sometimes serially. Adolescents are having sex that’s fine but they are not allowed to have any kind of emotional attachment with their partners.


Now, this kind of sex rituals is predominant in tribes where tribal people are especially illiterate. They are simply independent and are leading life on their own. So I think it’s better not to put the nose in their matters as because they won’t accept our words at the cost of rejecting their tradition.


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