5 Reasons That Achieving Success Over Time Is Better Than Achieving It Over Night

Life is very cruel as it will beat you to your knees. Every day you will ask the question to yourself, “How come I haven’t made it yet? Is this ever going to happen for me? I don’t the understand how he got poppin’ so fast! What’s wrong with me?” These questions pop up very frequently as we use them when describing our frustration with the amount of success we’ve achieved in comparison to others. We all want success to be real quick, but the truth is, “the grind is not for the faint of heart”. Try to be patient. We human being can’t keep ourselves from comparing with others and when we do compare we need to look at some of the overnight successes to whom you’re comparing yourself and you’ll get to discover their failures are on display for the world to see. They might have tasted success but the constant remembrance of mistakes so and so made still haunts them. Just like everything that shines isn’t gold, the success achieved over time is way better than the success achieved overnight. So let’s look at five ways your grind for success beats being an overnight success.

Failure is a better teacher than success will ever be

Success teaches us how to live big while on the other hand failure teaches us how to fight out odds. Having said that, failures will make you to realise the mistakes which you’ve have done and from next time onwards you’ll not repeat the mistakes again. Eventually you’ll move towards perfection which shall ultimately drive you towards success. You should be proud of yourself as you gave your best while trying to make it big.

The grind gives you experience

This is sometimes hard for folks who hit success early. Think like this – you’re young and about to hit the most important stage of growth and learning in your life and all of a sudden, you get thrust into fast life. Sometimes we think “it’s our time” when in reality, we still need to know a lot of things and get ourselves accustomed. We still have to figure out what works for us, what’s right and what’s wrong; it’s all trial and error. The hustle, grind, hard work are some of the mantras of success. The everyday hustle will equip you with the needed experience to finally handle success.

You’ll finally know why relations are way more important than success

When anyone grows up then more busy he/she becomes. There are people who doesn’t give up on you and stood with you while you were “too busy chasing success”. They are the ones who really love you. Success never tastes sweet with the people you come across while being the at top, but surely success tastes more sweeter with the people who were part of your journey the to top especially parents. It is because of their contribution that you are able to reach the top.
You wouldn’t ever take your achievements for granted

When we are the at top then it pleases us but it’s very painful to crash and fade away. The world is full of “one hit wonder” stories. If you put on that extra effort to be the at top then chances are that you’ll put more effort next time to hold your position and never let it go away in a blink. The milestones that are achieved always comes with a greater responsibility and perseverance.

You’re more apt for success the older you become

History proves that people don’t reach their zenith until years of grinding. In the book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell talks about 10,000 hours rule. It says that in order to become a master at something, you must put in 10,000 hours of work. There are many who didn’t hit it big until 30 plus. Reid Hoffman(founder of LinkedIn, billionaire) JK Rowling, Oprah etc are some of them. Success is not your cup of tea until you put that marvellous efforts to achieve it.

The harder you work, the wiser you become

Being wise and successful doesn’t go hand in hand together. An overnight successful people have the tendency of consulting lots of people before making a move. On the other hand, a failure would be more serious and is very much self-reliant and would come back strongly the next time.


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